Chat Application

If you are searching for the perfect tool to boost your business to the next level of productivity, our tailor-made chat application is here to fulfill your wish!
Let’s get through some examples of customized solutions we can provide.

Designed as you wish:

  • Web application, mobile application, hybrid application you name it, we’ve got it!
  • Improved file storage systems that can store your shared files and data for a longer period 
  • Smart chatbots that can be integrated within the application to fulfill your specific needs
  • Advanced group chat management system that allows users to set their own rules, policies, and customizable security levels like creating a position-based group chat

Data security systems

  • Matchless data security systems are implemented along with additional configurable security options to ensure that your sensitive and confidential information from your internal meeting and chat are well secured and protected:
    • E2E data security encryption systems
    • access to administrative management systems
    • active anti-screen capture and anti-screen recorder algorithms
    • and so on 

Let us help you grow your business