Our Capabilities Our problem solving interests are not bounded to any specific areas, because we believe there is a fascinating problem hidden everywhere. Nevertheless, here are some of the areas we have worked on

Computer Vision

Applying computer vision algorithms to make sense of the world around us. We believe computer vision is an important gateway to digitization and better human-computer interactions. We have worked on text recognition (both for printed and handwritten text), information extraction from videos and photos, object identification, similar object detection to name a few.

Natural Language Processing

Processing information in natural language in order to allow computers to make use of it. We have built systems to extract the true meaning of text corpora and conversations, and have created systems with speech technology to allow machines to interact with humans naturally. By using natural language understanding techniques, we are able to fully utilize the abundance of information while avoiding the pitfalls of language ambiguities.

Data Science
/ Big Data

Sanitizing large datasets and making them useful. Most existing datasets in traditional companies are rife with inconsistencies and irregularities. Without the right tool and knowledge, these information troves can hardly be utilized. We understand that data sanitization is a continuous effort. That is why we design and build data management systems that are robust and extensible. From these datasets, we have built predictive models and help executives make informed decisions.

Web / Mobile Application

Creating robust communication platforms. With all the cutting-edge AI technologies we built, it is critical that we provide scalable and reliable channels for them. We are experts in building full-stack solutions for web and mobile applications. We design our system to work for our clients regardless of the size of their user base. Our systems are dependable and easy to maintain long after projects’completion.

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