A core part of Looloo’s identity is our commitment to public service. Outside of our dedication for deep technology innovation, we also dedicate ourselves to uplifting society as a whole.This year, we are proud to present our two CSR projects in collaboration with Carenation, Chula Cancer Immunotherapy Research Fund Donation Platform and the Carenation AI Initiative.


The Chula Cancer Immunotherapy Research Fund is a fund devoted to help make immunotherapy treatment accessible to all Thais. Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that strengthens your own immune system to recognize, target, and eliminate cancer cells where they are in the body.
At present, Cancer Immunotherapy is held around the world as one of the most promising approaches to cancer treatment. The treatment is non-invasive, has few side effects, and enhances the chance that patients stay cancer-free for a longer time. However, this cancer treatment is difficult to find and extremely expensive, with most patients paying up to 10 million Baht to be completely cured. Chula’s goal is twofold, first to research and make immunotherapy treatment available in Thailand, and second to make it accessible to all Thais regardless of their wealth and class. Specifically, they want to reduce the price of the treatment by up to 90% and use the remaining profit to give away their treatment to the poor for free .Chula’s initial research on four different approaches to immunotherapy has been extremely successful.
Right now, Chula Cancer Immunotherapy Research Fund still needs Baht 1.8 Billion to complete their final round of human trials and begin treatment production. To help support their amazing project, Looloo has volunteered to redevelop the Chula Cancer Immunotherapy website from the ground up and create a fully functioning donation platform capable of supporting the scale of crowdfunding necessary to help the project succeed. In partnership with Carenation Thailand, we oversaw the platform’s UX/UI design, content writing, and QR donation technology that powers the receipt automation process.


Digitization, although good, is widening the income inequality helping the rich while making the poor even poorer. However, we intend to use technology as a way to help those that are in need while moving the country into a digital economy.
With the third wave of COVID outbreak in Thailand and its disproportionate effects on lower income households, Looloo has decided to co-develop a mobile application in tandem with Carenation Thailand to help generate income for the unemployed and the financially vulnerable. The application will crowdsource people to help annotate handwritten text on their mobile phones to train Looloo’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) model and digitize anonymized documents for Thai companies. The work is accessible to anyone who can read and type, paying the user by the number of words that they annotate correctly.