Sales Engineer

As a sales engineer, you represent the company in sales pitches and meetings with our potential clients, who are often high-level executives. We are looking for someone who can impress both technical and non-technical audiences with sharp technical and business acumen. You will often drive discussions to explore technical solutions for business operations, use your creativity to come up with new ways to tackle problems, and answer questions regarding project feasibility and timeline.

  • Conduct research to understand potential clients’ business and needs
  • Create and present professional sales pitches that showcase how our technology can help elevate our clients’ business
  • Build good relationships with potential and existing clients in order to understand their needs and to close sales
  • Summarize and relay clients’ demands to the working team in order to develop products and services that fit their needs
  • Network with potential clients at different job functions and levels in order to create more leads
  • Help publicize the company through various channels such as at PR events, job fairs or talks
  • An educational background in a technical field (such as computer engineering or computer science) is strongly preferred. A graduate degree is a plus.
  • Excellent technical understanding of artificial intelligence and software systems and how they can be applied to solve real-world problems. Non-superficial understanding of commonly-used AI and machine learning techniques is generally expected.
  • Creativity in combining multiple technologies into a workable solution
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Great interpersonal skills. Can easily create strong connections with others
  • Strong passion in building technical solutions to solve complex problems
  • Ability to communicate ideas clearly to audiences with different technical levels
  • Working professional English skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Although you rarely need to speak English, we expect your spoken English to be good enough to communicate in a work environment.
  • Outstanding work ethics and discipline

Hiring process...

We believe that transparency is key to good work and try to embody that in all we do. That’s why we want you to have an idea of what to expect after submitting this online application. The next steps involve:

Initial chat with HR

15 minutes

Case Interview #1

Up to 1 hour

Case Interview #2

45 minutes

Behavioral Interview #1

45 minutes

Behavioral Interview #2

45 minutes


HR will inform you of our decision via email