Looloo Technology is a deep technology consultancy that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize
industry standards.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP focuses on assisting a computer algorithm to analyze and recognize both the meaning and intention of human language.

Text Classification
Our NLP can be utilized to automatically recognize and analyze part of speech of words and their entities in Thai sentences.

Speech Recognition (TH)
Our Thai speech recognition is developed  to recognize, understand and interpret Thai spoken input and convert them into text.

English Speak Up
Our speech recognition is developed to listen to Thai learners and provide them with feedback to enhance their performance.

Computer Vision (CV) , Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

CV aims to analyze and classify objects in the visual inputs and then take actions on what it recognizes.

License Plate Recognition
Our Automatic license plate recognition model is well trained to recognize vehicle license plates accurately.

Document OCR
OCR is developed to automatically recognize contextual information and virtually convert written texts into digital text.

Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR)
Our Thai HTR system can effectively detect, read and transcribe Thai handwritten text into digital text.

Business Card Reader
Our OCR can automatically scan great volumes of documents and accurately extract printed Thai characters.

Super Applications

Super application is an all-in-1 mobile application providing several features and services.

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